Up Next Data

Privacy & Security Info

Up Next Data uses enterprise-level security practices and is a small, tight-knit team that takes the security and privacy of vendor and agency data very seriously.

We don't need a 10 page privacy policy page. Our business is 100% about providing reporting services. WE NEVER EVER USE OR REPURPOSE DATA FOR ANY OTHER USES OR SHARE WITH 3RD PARTIES.

Privacy & Security Best Practices

The security of your data is critically important to us. We use common enterprise-level best practices our partners used previously in federal research laboratories and in the health care industry. UND meets or exceeds the common data services most vendors use (like website analytics, B2B integration, or consumer facing websites not hosted internally) where sensitive data lives outside the vendor LAN.

Remember that no method of transmission over the Internet, or method of electronic storage is 100% secure, so we encourage our customers to help us keep data secure by also following best practices when logging in and using Up Next Data.

Here's a quick summary of Up Next Data privacy and security best practices—some are basic but still important, others represent the completeness of our attention on this issue. This is a partial list, and we are constantly evaluating ourselves for ways to improve security.

  1. UND uses SSL certificates and highly secure AWS servers
  2. All unessential server ports are closed
  3. Separate password protection of postrgres DB within AWS Server
  4. Separate SFTP server so clients w SFTP access to deliver files have no access to our main server
  5. All data requests are token based
  6. Passwords not stored in plain text in DB
  7. Password protected, "role based" limits on data access for agency and vendor users
  8. Vendor control of agency access to data, almost instantaneous ability to remove agency and reassign data to new agency
  9. Service Agreements & NDA's: All our staff and developers sign NDA's. All our vendor and agency relationships include service agreements and/or NDA's that permanently commit us to non-disclosure.
  10. Cookies: unlike most sites and apps, UND does not use cookies or otherwise try to track visitors across devices.
  11. Upon customer request, UND is willing to pursue a 3rd party security certification of partner choosing.

If you are interested more specific information about our data security practices schedule a call with us through our contact page or email us at admin@upnextdata.com.