Up Next Data

Cutting edge, blisteringly fast, user-friendly, data visualization and reporting tools.

Built for rep agencies, vendors, and retailers in the Outdoor Industry.

UND currently works with almost 100 agencies and vendors

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Affordable, powerful, easy to use reporting for the Outdoor Industry

low monthly price with no long-term commitments

Data Science

OI Vendors need informed, data-savvy agencies. OI reps and sales agencies need easy, flexible, powerful reporting for the challenging task of tracking and growing business across multiple brands and hundreds of retail doors. But the challenges of combining disparate data from multiple brands into usable reporting are almost insurmountable.

Now vendors and agencies have Up Next Data!
Unique, affordable, easy set-up for 1 to many brands. Contact us for a demo to see how UND's powerful, lightning fast web interface supports better business decisions for spreadsheet neophyte and data wizard alike.


Up Next Data has become a staple of our business practices and we couldn’t live without it now.

Our team has become more targeted and productive in our sales process because of it.
Kirk Haskell
Principal / Owner
KNS Reps
We now have one place to look at sales data for all our customers, sort by brand, time frame, categories and much more.

Be it preseason ordering, ASAPing, customer meetings etc, we have actionable data to focus our efforts like never before. We've never seen anything close to what Up Next offers and our business is better off for it.
Keith Reis
Managing Partner
Sanitas Sales Group
UpNextData has been an incredible timesaver FOR our sales team BOTH internally AND externally.

Looking at the same data simultaneously with our rep force allows us to work efficiently and create actionable plans quickly. It's very user friendly and provides quick, on-the-go snapshots of the business. Ands its always up-to-date, even on the road.
Holly Calloway
Sales & Marketing Director
Sherpa Adventure Gear
Sales Reporting

Sales Agency reporting

UND Rep Smarts™ agency reporting is unlike anything else. So fast and easy Reps can use it for every trade show appointment, retailer call, or in-store clinic.

So powerful agencies can see all Shipped history and future Open Orders info for all their brands simultaneously. And instantly switch between any time period and set of conditions, or perform year-over-year comparisons, across a range of store, brand, category, order type, and style level reports. Use easy workflows to gain Preseason and ASAP insights and drive opportunities for every account.

Vendor Reporting

Vendor reporting: no-cost and paid options

UND offers vendors a no-cost option to support their agencies that use UND to grow their business. And an easy, low-cost option to provide great reporting to all their agencies, and internal reporting that far surpasses most ERP systems. Contact us for information about our simple data standards or to receive our Vendor Information Sheet with info about our no-cost and paid services.